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Mindi Oaten Art - Website Launch

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I am so excited to introduce my new website!  This has been a quick process and slow one all at the same time.  Last summer I had a wake up experience, where I heard clearly from the Lord, to un-cover my buried passion of art and get at it again, 13 years later.  This time something was different, I would approach my art in a new way, as a message of inspiration.  A declaration of God's goodness.  To inspire and give to others through my act of creative worship.  

There was a time where I was more concerned with what to paint, then just to do it.  That fear kept me in bondage to create for over a decade.  I pondered thoughts like "what would people like?" or  "what would sell?" Then I had a moment of clarity from the Father, I stared out the window, turned my attention to the Lord and he said so clearly to me, "Don't worry about others, just paint and create what I've designed you to appreciate, to love, to see.  Just enjoy the process with me.  I've got this with you."  And in that moment, I had a sense of peace.  A breathe of fresh air hit my soul and I could run, dream and be excited about the little things.  I don't need to come up with complicated ideas.  Just paint in tune with the Holy Spirit living within me.  That's all I need. 

The doors began to open at the beginning of 2015.  It's been an exciting adventure ever since.  I currently prophetic paint with a ministry called Time to Revive.  We are jumping all in with pursuit of reviving the state of Indiana.  It is incredible what God is doing there.

I want to thank my incredible husband for all the insane hours of hard work he puts in to help me with this. Without his amazing support I wouldn't be able to pursue this calling.  Thank you Cory.  God put us together for a reason.

I hope you enjoy and begin this crazy journey with me and my art.  God Bless you all today!

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  • Jun 16, 2015

    I am so privileged to have been near you when this transformative change and calling came to you. It is so inspiring to see someone excel on their path – you are incredibly talented Mindi, thank you for including us all on your journey.

    — Jenn Billesberger

  • Jun 14, 2015

    Good work ;)

    — Kirsti

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