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Prophetic Art Ministry & Collaborations


From the moment I step into my studio, the distraction of the world fade away, to the first strokes of color, this is where I find peace and a sense of purpose. It's where I belong. This sacred space is where I focus, create and give thanks to the One who created me. It is where I can share my passion with the world and declare a message of God's goodness and glory. It becomes a place where my hand moves as I co-create with the Spirit of God. (For a description of Prophetic Art, click here.)

The reason I began creating art again, after a 14 year break, was because of an encounter I had with God.  Jesus called me back into the purpose he had for my life, to create art.  From that moment, I knew if I was going to devote my life and career to artwork full time, I would do it for Him. 
Beginning March 2020, I created a fun way to collect art prints while painting a prophetic art piece each month... and my COLLECTORS CLUB was born!  Every month I send my Collectors a surprise, special edition art print specifically for that month.  I pray and ask the Lord to show me what's on his heart to paint for that month. 
If you want to support my art as ministry, this is the BEST way you can do that.  Click here for more info, I would love for you to become a collector.   

 Ministries & Projects I've worked with:

Aside from creating in my personal studio at home, I've had the privilege to travel and work with different ministries over the years, using my art gift.
The ministry that launched my prophetic art career was Time to Revive, based in Dallas, TX.  I began in 2015 traveling and painting live during worship services in the USA and abroad, with the Time to Revive team.  I'm beyond grateful for my cousin, Kyle Lance Martin, CEO and founder of TTR, for bringing me on as a contractor to prophetic paint.  It is what began my journey painting with the Lord...and fulfilling a prophetic word.  I painted live in these locations:  Indiana, Mississippi, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin & Texas, as well as on a cruise ship ministering to the Southern Caribbean Islands.  Time to Revive has the heart to "equip the saint to share the Gospel & make disciples."
November 2017- November 2019: Time to Revive began teaching daily through the Word of God in an in-depth study called, reviveSCHOOL.  I was commissioned to paint every book of the Bible, 66 paintings in total, as part of the school. (click here to watch my testimony)  It was by far the most intense project I've ever been part of.  Studying, painting and persevering to the end!  My life will never be the same after painting through Scripture.  If you want to sign-up for this 2 years study, please click here.  It will change your life!
"Time to Revive is conducting reviveSCHOOL, a two-year program of Biblical Studies courses that teaches through the Bible daily, from Genesis to Revelation. Teaching and study are focused on seeing the Complete Portrait of the Messiah as depicted in all 66 books of the Bible."
To view the entire Bible Art Collection, click here.
To view a video of the Bible Art displayed in Goshen, Indiana, click here.
To view a video of the Bible Art displayed at Gateway Church in Dallas, TX, click here.
July 2018: God divinely connected me with the opportunity to paint large scale murals on the walls of the "Hill Wellness Center" at the Family Legacy orphanage in Zambia.  I spent 10 days painting 5 murals!  It was an incredible experience; using art to bring hope and healing into a medical facility for children to feel joy while being cared for.  I was so honoured to be part of the finishing details of this project.  Click here to watch the video!  It's powerful.
Family Legacy Tree of Life mission states, " The Tree of Life Children’s Village, located just outside the capital city of Lusaka, is a 130-acre community of homes for orphaned children designed to be a haven of hope and light. Our vision is to build 12 Children’s Villages throughout the country of Zambia to rescue orphans from abuse and poverty and bring holistic change to a nation in need."
June 2018 & 2019: the Time to Revive team had the privilege to serve with the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in Jerusalem, Israel.  The mission states, " A global mobilization of the Church, gathering the nations to align themselves in prayer with God’s purposes for Israel and Jerusalem."  I served in the role of helping the logistics team and painting live during the concert.  No words can describe painting prophetically in God's chosen city, His holy mountain!  I was so blessed to be able to do this great honour. 
(we also served at the prayer breakfasts in San Antonio, TX & Kampala, Uganda.)
2018:  I received an email from Jon Buller, founder of the Levite Summit, which is now Worship Arts Canada, asking if I would be interested in prophetic painting live during worship AND teaching a workshop on prophetic arts during their conference in Red Deer, AB.  Absolutely!
I remember crying at my desk reading this email because I had a prophetic word that I would step into teaching and sharing about my testimony in the arts a year before that... this began the fulfillment of that word.  I have now participated in the Levite Summit in Red Deer, AB (2018 & 2020) as well as in Kelowna, BC (2019). 
Jon's mission, " Jon launched Worship Arts Canada in 2021 as an outlet for his lifelong passion to equip, affirm and care for musicians, artists, technicians, and creatives."
September 10, 2018:  I was asked to be one of the performers painting live during a fundraising event held at the Bella Concert Hall in Calgary, AB to raise money for the "Hope Hallway Project" at the Foothills Medical Centre.  
In March 2020, I was also commissioned to paint three large pieces of art that is hung in the hallway.
The Hope Hallway is located in the special services building at the Foothills Medical Centre.  It exists to bring hope to adolescents and their families experiencing mental health challenges.  The Hope Hallway represents the pursuit and commitment to revitalize and transform current institutional setting into spaces of calm, comfort, and inspiration to support those requiring treatment in hospital. 
unveil studios
September 2020:  I was asked to paint a large canvas commission for a film project called, "The Breath of Life" by Canadian filmmakers, Unveil Studios.  Given the theme and some loose parameters, I was able to express my own creative style into the piece.  I think I got more out of painting it than being commissioned! To co-create with God on such a timely and much needed project, the very breath of God... his creative life force breathed into me as I painted.  It revived my soul and awakened my spirit to a new desire to create with God on a whole new level.   
Here is a brief synopsis of the film/book:  
The world began when God, the Creator of everything, said, “Let there be light.” As the wonder of the world came to life with all its intricate beauty, the most miraculous moment had yet to become reality. That's when God breathed into Adam and, with that one breath, shaped humanity. In this thoughtful and inspiring book and film series, award-winning storyteller Daniel Kooman shares the creation story in a way you have never experienced it before. The Breath of Life examines three breaths from God that shaped humanity: the first breath that brought humanity to life; a second breath that redeemed humanity from sin; and a third breath that continues to shape the course of human history as we know it. An original and inspiring story that will make you rethink the thing you take for granted every waking moment of the day: the very breath in your lungs.
I was so honored to be part of this film documentary along with an incredibly talented line up:  An original and inspiring series directed by The Kooman Brothers (She Has A Name), The First Breath features The Chosen TV Series Creator Dallas Jenkins, and Korey Cooper and Jen Ledger of Skillet. It also features an inspired narration by Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK) and Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture Music. Additional expert contributors include Rabbi Kirt Schneider of Discovering The Jewish Jesus, author Tiffany Bluhm, artist Mindi Oaten, astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross and biochemist Dr. Fazale Rana from Reasons to Believe.

June 2021:  I was contacted to contribute a selection of my art for an exhibition in Los Angeles, CA called, "Contemplating the Christ." The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. (to view more about the exhibit, click here)

LUZ ART features a diverse selection of works by internationally recognized artists studying the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ. We follow Jesus thru the prophetic scriptures in the Torah leading to the historical accounts of the four gospels.  Viewers experience a pictorial expression of the sacred text thru the lens of devotional artists.  

I have also been added as a feature artist to their website. 

Luz Art is an arts ministry and contemporary gallery space. We showcase sacred conversations, specializing in the Torah and Biblical text. We bring these timeless messages to new viewers thru a visual lens, curating conversations of eternal hope, redemption & restoration. Our World is in need of eternal hope. 

Presence Creative Arts

June 2022:  I was contacted by Jason Hildebrand, creator of Presence Creative Arts, to collaborate in a commission painting series for the Alliance Canada Annual Assembly in Edmonton, AB.  I worked on a large scale three part painting project with a theme of lament to joy.  The original art was displayed at the Assembly, as well as projected on the stage screens as part of the artistic background of the event.  Their creative team animated still shot photos I took of the creative process while painting the art, a new challenge that was incredibly rewarding to see come to life. 

Presence Creative Arts mission, we craft, perform and empower transformative stories which seek to inspire people and communities to authentically thrive.


April & August 2022:  I was interviewed for being part of the "Breath of Life" film series, such an honor.  If you want to view the interview, click here.  I was also interviewed on 100 Huntley Street to tell more of my testimony in the arts.  Sharing about my story of coming back to painting after a long period of walking away from it.  Click here to watch the interview.   

100 Huntley Street is Canada's longest running daily television show and the sixth longest running daily television show in the world.  They feature authentic, faith-based life changing stories from people of all walks of life.  

June 2022:  Sharing my personal testimony on this amazing program, "See Hear Love" with host Melinda Estabrooks, in their "Summer of Strength" series. To watch this podcast, click here.   I talk about "buying the purple paint" where one simple instruction started unfolding my journey with God through the arts.

See Hear Love’s mission is to create a safe and authentic community for Millennial Women where they can hear stories, ask questions and share their journey so they can grow in their faith and understanding of Jesus.

November 2022:  It is always a great honor to be asked to create something special for charity.  I was asked to create an original painting to help raise money for their annual fundraiser gala.  Please click here to see the painting I created, that is now housed at the Centre.  (it raised over $10,000 and was given back to the Centre for display!)

Cochrane Pregnancy Care Centre is a faith-based, non-profit, charitable agency. We are dedicated to serving women, as well as their families and partners, who seek help in making decisions about their pregnancies and related concerns.