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"Breath of Life" - Fine Art Prints

Original Art painted in collaboration with "Breath of Life" film series.  These paintings are now available in fine art print on canvas.
Breath of Life is now a 3-part TV Series based on Daniel Kooman’s book. An original and inspiring series directed by The Kooman Brothers (She Has A Name), Breath of Life: The First Breath features leading voices from the Church and media industry today including The Chosen TV Series Creator Dallas Jenkins, Korey Cooper and Jen Ledger from Skillet, Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK), Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture Music, Rabbi Kirt Schneider of Discovering The Jewish Jesus, Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Fazale Rana from Reasons to Believe, author Tiffany Bluhm and painter Mindi Oaten unpacking and adding personal insight to the revelations shared in Breath of Life, the book. Every breath we take is a miracle and tells us something profound about the nature of God. 
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