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About Mindi Oaten Art


I am an artist with a prophetic vision, expressing my insights through acrylics on canvas. My formal education was completed at Western Washington University, where I graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in Fine Arts, with a focus on studio drawing.

Nestled at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains near Calgary, AB, my life moves to dual rhythms. Within the sanctuary of my home, I am a multitasker: a mother to three energetic boys, a partner to my supportive husband, and an artist devoted to my craft. Home is where I recharge and muse over life’s wonders, cherishing family moments and dedicating time to my personal painting collections.

The other facet of my vocation is intertwined with my spiritual calling. Beginning in 2015, I served in a ministry capacity, collaborating with a Dallas-based organization, Time To Revive. My role found me frequently boarding planes to various destinations, where I paint on stage during worship sessions, seeking spiritual revival and honoring God through my artistry.  Additionally, I participate with other ministries, contributing live painting to worship nights, special events, and conferences. It is a privilege to employ my creative talents in service to the Lord.

Lately, I've embraced the opportunity to step in front of an audience, sharing my narrative as a prophetic artist and recounting my unique experience of painting through the scriptures. My zeal lies in conveying my testimony, aspiring to enlighten others to the beauty of God's Word, and to empower fellow artists to manifest their gifts in ways that celebrate the glory of God.

(For those curious about the essence of "prophetic painting," I invite you to click here for further description.)

I wholeheartedly believe in the generous exchange of gifts and talents; whatever your calling, it serves as your field of mission. Each one of us has the capacity to bestow blessings and leave an imprint on the world. No act is too small to transform a life. My ambition is to create visual narratives that uplift and inspire those who encounter my work.


Above is my family & This is my story...

From childhood, I harbored a deep affection for painting and drawing. I often found solace in the confines of my room, engrossed in an art project. There was a profound sense of serenity and achievement that came with the completion of each creative endeavor. I pursued this passion academically and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Western Washington University, with a focus on drawing. My academic work primarily involved charcoal and mixed media, encouraging experimental approaches.

The question of what one does with an art degree loomed large post-graduation. At that juncture, I lacked the confidence to envision a career as a professional artist, which led me to return to my familial roots in Calgary, Alberta. In the interim, as I sought employment, I took a position in a furniture store. This job serendipitously paved the way to a career in interior design—a field I found both rewarding and aligned with my creative inclinations. From 2001 to 2011, I dedicated myself to transforming living spaces into visually captivating experiences.

During this decade, life blossomed both professionally and personally; I married and welcomed three wonderful sons into the world. Balancing the demands of work and family life, however, presented its challenges. Ultimately, I made the decision to leave my career to focus on raising my boys, embracing the full-time role of a stay-at-home mom.

In July 2013, I experienced a remarkably vivid dream that seemed to awaken my spirit. In this dream, I stood on a stage, before an easel, showcasing a painting bathed in shades of purple. A gorgeous red velvet flooring was under my feet.  A profound sense of pride and purpose enveloped me, and upon waking, that sensation lingered. I shared the details with my husband, unable to shake the conviction that it was time to rekindle my neglected passion for art after thirteen years of excuses.

The dream was a catalyst, stirring something within me. Shortly thereafter, a friend requested that I teach a small art class for her daughter, to which I gladly consented. However, the preparation brought a challenge: locating my old art case, untouched for over a decade. In a moment of quiet supplication, I asked the Lord for guidance. Instantly, a vision flashed before me, revealing the case hidden beneath layers of dust in the garage. The scene unfurled like a cinematic revelation, with each brush of dust uncovering a past left dormant.

Opening the case was transformative; as the latches clicked, a palpable energy surged through me. Inside, a photograph that I had placed there during my university days caught my eye immediately—a depiction of Jesus in prayer. His voice pierced the silence, clear and resonant: “I've been in here waiting for you.” Overwhelmed, tears cascaded down my face as I collapsed to the floor. It was a poignant reminder that I had abandoned my divine gift, yet Jesus had waited patiently for my return and was beckoning me towards this moment.

That profound encounter ignited a new passion to pursue art once again, not alone, but with Jesus as my steadfast companion. From that moment on, I dedicated my art to Him.

March 2014 - My husband and I, eager to deepen our spiritual journey, participated in a weekend conference in Calgary. It was there, amidst many, that I was singled out for prayer. As I stepped forward, an extraordinary encounter unfolded; I received a profound touch from the Holy Spirit and an impartation as John and Carol Arnott prayed for me. It was a pivotal moment; God awakened my spiritual gifts and set me on a path to greater things.


November 2014 - Later that year a friend and leader, Richie Seltzer, delivered a prophetic word to me. He revealed that I possess a unique gift of creativity, destined to be a prophetic painter who would travel extensively, sharing my art on stages worldwide. His words echoed the dream I had, reigniting its memory within me. He inspired me to venture beyond my comfort zone, suggesting I paint live at a conference hosted by our church. Despite the grip of fear, I knew this was a divine calling. I overcame my apprehension and, with the Holy Spirit's guidance, completed my first live prophetic painting. The vision granted to me was vividly brought to life on canvas—an experience of awe and transformation.


January 2015 - In just a few short months, my cousin Kyle Martin, the founder and CEO of Time To Revive, unexpectedly sent me a text message. He shared that a powerful revival was unfolding in Indiana. Kyle felt that God had directed him to have me come and propheticly paint on stage as an act of worship—a practice I had only engaged in twice before. I was astounded; his invitation echoed a prophecy I had received just months earlier. A door had opened, and all that was required of me was to step through in obedience. I seized the opportunity, marking the beginning of my journey with Time to Revive as a contract artist, traveling and painting from 2015 to 2020. It is my earnest prayer that through partnering with God in my art, I will impact someone’s life, for the Lord can reach us in manifold ways.


November 2017 - November 2019 - During this period, Time to Revive narrowed its focus to an intensive study of the entire Bible. As Kyle expounded upon the Scriptures, I contributed through my art. Over those two years, I created paintings for each book of the Bible, all 66, which was a profound and enriching journey.


January 2020 - Unaware of the significant shift that was about to occur globally, I felt a divine nudge in January 2020. I heard a clear message to cease traveling and instead, establish roots at home to concentrate on my work. The foresight was divine; God was preparing me for the imminent changes. I stepped away my journeys with TTR to cultivate my art from my studio at home. It was clear God was orchestrating new plans and projects for me from this new home base.


February - April 2021 - In a moment of prayer for Canada, I was given a vision: vividly colored angels descending with fresh mantles, signifying new missions. This spiritual experience inspired the creation of "Garments of Praise: Mantled to Reign" — the Rainbow Collection. It embodies the call to "Arise & Shine," to be endowed with the authority to govern as ambassadors of the Kingdom.  I believe this collection was a creative expression for the bride of Christ to come up higher, be mantled with His divine authority and light to shine until He returns.


2021 - Present - The recent chapter of my life has been a flourishing time of creativity in my home studio. It's been filled with numerous commissions, collaborative projects, and opportunities to share my insights. I am currently immersed in creating a new series that delves into the life of Jesus, painted from my studio nestled near Calgary, AB. Anticipate its completion in 2024. I hold a steadfast belief that God has grand plans for the future, especially for the creative and artistic community. We are poised for remarkable achievements in the days ahead.

I am profoundly grateful to be awakened each morning by the voice of God. Life unfolds as an extraordinary journey when guided by the Holy Spirit. Each of us has a divine calling, a unique design for a meaningful purpose. Surrendering to Jesus allows Him to steer our journey. Embrace faith, seek His guidance, heed His voice, and follow His will. From personal experience, this path of trust is far superior to the solitude of navigating life's complexities alone.

And the story continues to be written...