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About Mindi Oaten Art

Hello there!  I am a prophetic artist working in acrylic on canvas.  I received my BFA in Fine Arts from Western Washington University, magna cum laude, concentrating in studio drawing.
I live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, in Cochrane, AB enjoying two paces of life. While at home, you will find me juggling a busy schedule as mom to my three boys, as wife to my husband and as an artist in my studio. Home is my place of down time, where I can rest and reflect on this beautiful life; enjoying my precious family time and working on my own painting collections.
The second half of my artistic endeavour has been a call into ministry as a prophetic painter. Since 2015, I have contracted to a ministry based in Dallas, TX called Time To Revive. You would find me hopping on an airplane, flying to locations to paint on stage in worship, pursing revival and glorifying God through my art. I have also joined other ministries to paint live in various worship nights, events and conferences. I am honoured to use my gift of creativity as an expression to serve God.
More recently, I have stepped out to face the audience by speaking about my journey as a prophetic artist and share my story of painting through the Bible. I am passionate about sharing my testimony in hopes I can teach and inspire others to see the Bible in a fresh way, as well as inspire and activate other creatives to use their gifts to glorify God.
I thank the Lord daily for the life He's given me. It because of Him that I am fulfilling my life’s aspirations. I want to steward the gifts He’s given me, and use my art to touch other people’s lives (if you’re not sure what “prophetic painting” means, you can click here to learn more.) Prophetic Art Description 
I believe in the sharing of gifts, whatever God has created you to do is your mission field. You can be used as a blessing to others. We all have to ability to impact the world around us. Nothing too small can change someone's life. My goal is to create a visual expression to encourage and inspire those who see my work.
Above is my family & This is my story...

I always had a love to paint and draw as a child. Most of the time I would hide away in my room and work on an art project. It gave me a sense of peace and accomplishment when I would complete something creative. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Western Washington University. I concentrated in drawing during school, mostly charcoal work and experimental pieces using mixed media.  
What do you do with an art degree? At the time, I didn't have a lot of confidence in myself as an artist for a career, so I moved back to Calgary, Alberta where my parents lived and started looking for a job. I worked in a furniture store and eventually fell into an interior design job. I enjoyed working on projects and creating visually inspiring spaces for people to live. I continued in this field from 2001-2011. During this time I got married and had three beautiful boys. Needless to say, juggling work and kids became somewhat of a challenge, so I quit working my day job to stay at home to raise my boys.

July 2013 - I had a really vivid dream in the night. It was a dream that when I woke up, it felt like my spirit was awakened. My dream was simple. I was on a stage with an easel and a painting. The painting was purple. I remember feeling very proud and a sense of purpose in my dream. That was it. When I woke up, I remember telling my husband about it, and couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to focus on art again, something that I have neglected and made excuses not to pursue for the past 13 years. The dream shook me up. I thought the best place to start is to actually do a purple painting… So I did. This was the beginning of the Lord directing me into where I am today.

After that dream, I was asked by a friend to teach a little art class to her daughter. I agreed to do it. I needed to find my old art case for one of the classes on drawing, and because it was about 10 years since I had opened that case I couldn’t find it. I prayed for the Lord to remind me where it was. Immediately I had a vision of it packed away in the garage, under a pile of dust. And there it was. It felt like a scene in a movie, dusting off an old box. As I went to clip it open, I could sense something would happen when I opened it. I felt a wave of power hit my chest as I opened the case. And then I saw the picture, something I had taped in my art box way back in university, it was a picture of Jesus praying. Then I heard His voice so clear say, “I've been in here this whole time waiting for you.” I burst into tears and fell to the ground. It was a moment I will never forget. I had neglected my God given talent and Jesus was patiently waiting for me to come back. This encounter burned a passion inside of me to pursue art with Jesus by my side. I would do this for Him.

March 2014 - My husband and I attended a weekend conference in Calgary,  hungry for more of God in our lives. During this conference, I was highlighted in the crowd for prayer, so I went up to the front. I had the most incredible touch from the Holy Spirit & impartation when I was prayed for by John & Carol Arnott.  God activated my gifting and marked me for something more.
November 2014 - I also had a prophetic word spoken over me from Richie Seltzer. The Lord showed him that I have a gift of creativity and would be a prophetic painter, traveling all over on airplanes painting on a stage. Remember my dream?? I sure did. He encouraged me to paint on stage during an conference we had at our church.  I was so scared, but knew the Lord was calling me to paint, so I pushed through the fear and did my first prophetic painting live. I asked the Holy Spirit for a vision to express and He came through. It was an incredible experience.
January 2015 - Within a couple short months, my cousin Kyle Martin - founder and CEO of Time To Revive - text-ed me out of the blue and said that God was moving powerfully in Indiana, revival was breaking out. Kyle said the Lord told him to fly me down to prophetic paint on stage, bringing another element of worship. (I had only done this twice before.) I couldn't believe it! It was the word I had received only months before. A door opened where all I had to do was obey. So I went. And that is how I joined Time to Revive ministry as a contractor, traveling and painting from 2015-2020.  It is my prayer that through co-labouring with God, I will touch someone’s life through my art. God can speak to us through so many different ways.
Nov. 2017 - Nov. 2019 - Time to Revive shifted its focus for two years to study through the entire Bible.  As Kyle taught through Scripture, I participated by painting it.  I painted every book of the Bible, 66 in total, for those two years.  It was quite a journey!
January 2020 - Without knowing my life would significant shift gears because of what would come on the earth, in January 2020, I heard the Lord say step away from traveling and stay at home to focus on work from there.  He knew what was coming and wanted me positioned for it ahead.  I stepped away from traveling with TTR, to focus on my art from home.  God had new plans and projects from here. 
Feb - April 2021 - During a prayer time for the nation of Canada, I had a vision of coloured angels being released with new mantles for new assignments.  This encounter in prayer lead to the creation of "Garments of Praise: Mantled to Reign" the Rainbow Collection.  (Arise & Shine, be mantled with the Authority to rule and reign as Kingdom ambassadors!)  
2021 - Present - I have enjoyed creating in my studio from home in this past season, with many commissions, collaborations & speaking engagements.  I am currently painting new series, going deeper in the life of Jesus, from my studio near Calgary, AB.  Stay tuned for that to be complete in 2024.
I believe God has mighty things ahead to accomplish through creatives and artists of all kinds in the days to come.  

I am so thankful that God woke me up to hear His voice. Every day is an adventure when the Holy Spirit leads. He has a calling on everyone's life. We are all designed for a purpose. When you give your life over to Jesus, He will direct your path.  All you have to do is believe, ask for His direction, listen and obey. Trust me, it's way better than trying to figure out life on your own.

And the story continues to be written...