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The Bible Art Collection

Behold Him Painting

'BEHOLD HIM' collection - the life of Jesus

"Behold Him: The One who Transforms," is a forty-piece collection that invites viewers on a transformative journey through Jesus' earthly life & mission, intertwined with the motif of the monarch butterfly. This symbol, representing rebirth and transformation, parallels the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, offering a profound reflection on spiritual renewal.

This collection is a call to meditate on Jesus’s teachings and to embrace personal transformation in His image. Each painting serves as a window to deep spiritual reflection, encouraging viewers to 'behold Him' and be changed by His example.


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 'GARDEN OF GRACE' ART BOOK  |  'GARDEN OF PRAYER' mini flower collection


The creation of spiritual paintings and icons goes back centuries, to a time before general literacy.  Even to this day, an artist is instructed to "write an icon" rather than paint one, because it preaches the Word of God to the seeker.  It is in this spiritual tradition that we encounter the living Word.

This collection of paintings inspires reflection on the continuity of God's grace in Christ from Genesis to Revelation.  The full fragrance of the Garden of Eden wafts through each frame, climaxing in the bouquet for the bride of Christ.  Though challenged by sin, death, persecution, and loss, grace remains present as each flower appears along the journey from the Fall to our final redemption.  

The crimson ribbon and velvet fabric are present in the rebellion and alienation, reminding us that God is consistently with those who have eyes to see.  Never without hope, the Spirit falls gently as the feather of a dove, bringing peace and light in the darkness.

Liberated by faith, the birds and butterflies give testament to Christ's triumph over the universal stain of Adam's sin and our ultimate redemption in the one man, Jesus Christ.  His hands and feet carry us through the pilgrimage, even though He is hidden.  The church is his hands and feet in this broken world, until the day we are joined with Him in eternity and see Him face to face.

The prophetic paintings invite the Holy Spirit to activate your imagination.  By exploring the scriptures behind the symbols, the living Word speaks truth. 

~ reflection by Elaine Knudtson, poetry & writing in "Garden of Grace" art book


The Bible Art Collection is a series of 66 paintings depicting each book of the Bible, which emerged out of a spiritual journey taken by artist, Mindi Oaten, inspired by her association with the ministry of Time to Revive

From 2017 to 2019, Mindi dedicated her artistic practice to interpreting key biblical themes by allowing the Holy Spirit to communicate a vision that steadily unfolds in the experience of each artwork in this collection. Working in tandem with the curriculum of reviveSCHOOL's two-year, in-depth Bible study developed by Dr. Kyle Lance Martin, Mindi composed these paintings in order of specific sections of the Bible, shifting between the Old and New Testaments. 

Mindi was instructed by God to paint "the Garden throughout the entire project" weaving a flower or plant in each painting as a symbol of His presence and longing to walk with His people in an intimate relationship, as originally intended. 

~ Kayleigh Hall, M.A. AHist