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"Salt of the Earth"

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"Salt of the Earth"
January 2021
C o l l e c t o r s   C l u b
“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” Matthew 5:13, AMP.

Visually the image of salt is reflective of snow, and the coming of a new season. Snow is a representation of purity, acting as a blanket that covers the earth. Both snow and salt provide for a cleansing and opportunity for renewal to begin. The timing of this painting is appropriate, as we approach the beginning of a new year and another closes.

It provides for a moment to pause and ask, “Lord, are there areas in my life where I have lost my saltiness?” And if so, would you expose those places to me so that I can identify areas that are needed to change.

So why the comparison of salt to a believer’s life? To effectively answer this, I believe we need to take a moment to review its history and use. Throughout the ages salt has been used as a sterilizing agent to effectively treat and heal open wounds, while preventing pathogens from entering in and causing disease. Like the work of the Spirit, He is the salt that sanctifies our hearts to be free from sin and render its ill effects. Over the centuries this little mineral was effective to preserve the quality and nature of many local goods, so that one could ship and store quality items for an extended period. These attributes are to be evident throughout our daily lives, sprinkled like salt and thus preserving the goodness of God and restraining evil.

Salt: Can be an agent used to purify or cleanse, thereby bringing impurities to the surface so that they can be dealt with and removed. Although salt appears minuet, it is a key ingredient that is needed to add, giving it a robust flavour.

The Bowl: Is a vessel that is crafted in the Potter’s hands. The bowl represents the temple of our beings to carry the pure nature of salt in our own lives.

Monarch: Represents transformation and new life. This is a reminder that we are to represent Christ in the world, a carrier of “the salt” at work within us.

Blueberries: Often can signify modesty, as berries can be found hidden under a covering of leaves. They also represent gentleness and sincerity, such as how we are to be in our posture and approach to others.

Berries are rich and vibrant in colour, which embody the evidence of Christ at work. They also signify authenticity and character that has been made mature. One may note that berries and salt are similar in function, in that they both act as agents to heal and aid in recovery.

As you reflect on this painting, I pray your new year is filled with abundant fruit, being purified from the past season and bringing life into the NEW.   

-Mindi Oaten Art



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