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Brush Strokes from Heaven, Painting in the Rain – Fort Wayne, IN

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"Let my teaching fall on you like rain." (Deut. 32:2)

Home again for a few short days before heading back to Fort Wayne, IN. This past week was incredible watching God move in mighty ways. I had one of the most refreshing experiences on Saturday night, painting in the rain for the very first time. The evening service with reviveINDIANA had a surprise; Kyle Martin announced that we were all going to head out on the streets to share the Gospel. The entire crowd broke up into 150 teams of 4 people to go share the Good News of Jesus Christ. I normally paint every night in the evening services, so naturally I would take my painting outside to join in the fun. Well, this would be a first.




When we arrived at the park to set up, it was pouring. We found a little shed for shelter from the rain and waited for over an hour. Not sure whether to pack up and go or wait out the rain, a group of us stood out in the sprinkles and prayed. I had a quick vision of myself painting in the rain, and felt the Holy Spirit say, “paint with me in the rain.” As soon as we finished praying, I bolted over to my supplies and quickly set up under the shed. And went for it. I let the raindrops hit my canvas, collaborating with my brush strokes. I’ve never had such a freeing experience. Thank you Lord for your blessing and raindrops. You teach me more and more everyday when I let go and let you create with me.



Thank you to Tim and Ken for helping me load up and hang out. We had so much fun. Thank you to my new group of friends, the homeless gentlemen at the park, for helping me set up also. We all enjoyed the rain and sharing stories.


Off again tomorrow with my family to the reviveINDIANA celebration! Expecting mighty miracles and awesome things the Lord will do.

Bless you all and I highly recommend painting in the rain.

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