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Child-like Faith, My experience painting with children.

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Home again after a 10-day trip with Revive Indiana to the Northwest Region and Terre Haute. The Lord continues to open my eyes to new things, teaching me more as I rely on Him. I am finding a greater love for painting each time I step on stage. When I reflect on what impacted me the most from my time in Terre Haute, I would have to say it was the experience I had painting with kids.

Going into Terre Haute I felt the nudge to switch it up a little. The Lord lay on my heart to paint with children. So I did. For two evenings I painted with a few of the team members kids beside me on stage. I’m not sure who got more out of the experience, the kids or I. I was moved to tears after the first night. It took me out of my normal and gave me a different perspective of prophetic painting, turning my attention more on the girls rather than focusing on myself. I was so proud of the girls as they came with child-like faith and poured their heart out on canvas. It was incredible!



No matter what age, we can all hear from our loving Heavenly Father. Kids have such a simple faith in Him; they don’t over complicate things, but trust in reliance on His lead. We all prayed and listened before heading on stage. I told the girls to listen to what God wanted them to paint. The youngest, 6 year-old Selah Martin, said she had a picture of flowers in a vase. When I asked her what God said about the flowers, she replied, “It is like the people coming together in Indiana, all together as one.” How precious. We all decided to paint beautiful flowers in our own way to represent the new thing God is doing in Indiana. The Body of Christ coming together to share the Gospel and love of Jesus.  



I titled my painting, “Budding Joy” because I felt the joy of the Lord all around us painting. He was smiling down on us with His mighty love as He watched little ones paint in worship. I saw budding joy coming out of the kids and also myself. I learned so much from this experience. To let go, have fun, take His lead. I also have a new passion to see and teach children that they too can hear the voice of the Lord and use it in creativity.

The second night I painted with teenager, Elisabeth Goodwin, and the Lord showed her a picture of an eagle soaring. It was so awesome because that night I felt to paint a feather with the opposite message of hers. Without either of us knowing what the other was to paint. They worked together beautifully.


Thank you Selah Martin, Lilly Werner and Elisabeth Goodwin for having the courage and faith to worship the Lord using your creative gifts. Your hearts astound me as well as the skill the Lord has given each one of you.

All Glory to God.

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