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Leaped for Joy - Fine Art Print

Leaped for Joy - Fine Art Print

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"Leaped for Joy" - fine art print

"As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy."  Luke 1:44


In the quiet sanctuary of time, a sacred meeting unfolded, transcending earthly boundaries as two destined souls drew near. Mary, the virgin chosen to carry the radiant promise of the divine birth, journeyed to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, who bore a miracle of her own. As Mary approached, the warmth of her presence emanated, touching the depths of Elizabeth's soul.

These two cousins, separated by generations and joined by purpose, carried within them the profound secret of God's plan for humanity. They were vessels, chosen by divine providence to herald a transformation that would forever alter the course of history.

As Mary stepped into Elizabeth's proximity, the presence of the Holy Spirit enveloped them. Their unborn children, John and Jesus, sensing the presence of their mothers, experienced a remarkable connection that transcended the physical realm. In the depths of their wombs, these infant cousins recognized each other, and a profound understanding passed between them. 

In this sacred encounter, John was baptized by the Holy Spirit within the womb, anointed for his mission to become the baptizer of water, cleansing the hearts of those who sought repentance. 

Suddenly, as Mary spoke words of greeting, John leaped within Elizabeth's womb. This was no ordinary flutter or kick but a resounding, joyous leap, a response to the very presence of the Messiah, the fulfillment of a promise that had resonated through the ages. John, in his mother's womb, already knew his calling, his purpose—to prepare the way for the One who would bring salvation to the world.

Originally painted in acrylic on canvas.

All prints are printed on fine art quality printing canvas. It will look and feel like the real thing. (un-matted and unframed).

All prints are also available in a pre-stretched canvas option, gallery wrap. 1.25-inch sides, white, stretched on a wood frame, coated for maximum UV protection.

PRINTED TO ORDER - Please allow our local printer to do a fabulous job printing your artwork. Processing time is dependent on the amount of prints on order in production (usually allow around 2 weeks).