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Grain, New Wine & Oil - Fine Art Print

Grain, New Wine & Oil - Fine Art Print

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"Grain, New Wine & Oil" - fine art print

Painted during Prophetic Worship Bootcamp, Rig Canada

"Blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming. It is close at hand—" Joel 2:1

"Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly. Gather the people, consecrate the assembly;" Joel 2:15-16

"Let the priests, who minister before the Lord, weep between the portico and the altar. Let them say, “Spare your people, Lord. Do not make your inheritance an object of scorn, a byword among the nations. Why should they say among the peoples,

‘Where is their God?’”

Then the Lord was jealous for his land and took pity on his people. "The Lord replied to them:

“I am sending you grain, new wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy you fully; never again will I make you an object of scorn to the nations." Joel 2:17-19

This painting came in a vision during prayer leading up to the worship event; the sound of a trumpet blowing with the rewards of God's provision and restoration of the land after a time of repentance. I also saw an image of the oil dripping from the olive branch filling an oil lamp lite with an individual holding the light. It was the priests' duty to sound the trumpet, both as an appeal to God in the day of their distress and a summons to the people to come together to seek his face.

The imagery of the symbols brought me to Joel 2 and Matthew 25 to buy extra oil, because we do not know when the bridegroom will come. Be prepared, shine your light until the Lord returns. For those who gather to repent for the sins of the peoples, the Lord promises to restore with grain, new wine and oil. God's compassion is a great encouragement to those that come humbly to him, he waits patiently to pour out his mercies on us.

They shall have great abundance of all good things. The earth shall yield her increase, and they shall enjoy it.

Originally painted in acrylic on canvas.

All prints are printed on fine art quality printing canvas. It will look and feel like the real thing. (un-matted and unframed)

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