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"Book of Life" - mini collectible

"Book of Life" - mini collectible

$8.00 CAD

"Book of Life" - mini collectible

This mini painting expresses the breathe in multi-dimension from the Book of Life. The very first creative act, before anything existed in the natural, was God’s wisdom. He knew everything, everyone and every name that would be written in the Book of Life before the foundations of the world. This book is alive, breathing and containing all of God’s creation, like the living waters crashing on the shores of time. The breath of all humanity dances like the aurora borealis in the expanse of the heavens. Laying on the wooden table of the cross, His sacrificial blood invites us into the throne room of God’s presence where we meet Him in all His glory.

These mini collectibles make the perfect gift for teachers, co-workers, friends, family, and also can be used as Christmas ornaments to collect and give away.

Each mini collectible is hand made, printed on matte canvas and tied to hang with cotton twine.

Total dimensions 3" x 4" with an image size of 2" x 3"