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All Consuming Fire - Fine Art Print

All Consuming Fire - Fine Art Print

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"All Consuming Fire" - fine art print

“ Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,  for our “God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12: 28-29


God is an all-consuming fire. His presence, glory and majesty is mentioned as fire. Praying for what to express in art for this first night, the Lord gave me a vision of a branch/bush on fire and the train of His robe filling the earth. There is something majestic and awesome about the presence of God that when he truly shows up, his glory consumes everything around it. In God’s presence there is no room for sin, self-righteousness, or pride, the dross comes to the surface. All those things are burned away when you see God in all of his majesty, or as that consuming fire.

Fire is an image of God’s holiness. All through the Bible, fire is used as a picture of the purifying and refining quality of God’s holiness. Holiness involves separation. God’s holiness means that He is set apart from everything He has made. Holiness is not simply His righteousness (although that is part of it), but also His otherness. It is the distinction between the Creator and the creature, the infinite distance between God’s deity and our humanity.

This painting symbolizes that separation of holiness with the burning bush and the white robe - but it also shows the intersection of the two dimensions of divine and human - the train of his robe in the eternal throne room of heaven, coming down into our earthly dimension of the bush on fire.



Originally painted in acrylic on canvas.

All prints are printed on fine art quality printing canvas. It will look and feel like the real thing. (un-matted and unframed).

All prints are also available in a pre-stretched canvas option. 1.25-inch sides, stretched on a wood frame, coated for maximum UV protection.

PRINTED TO ORDER - Please allow our local printer to do a fabulous job printing your artwork. Processing time is dependent on the amount of prints on order in production (usually allow around 2 weeks).