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Fine Art Prints - Entire Collection


Introducing a new collection of mini art collectibles. Super adorable and worth collecting. 

Mindi hand selected her favourite paintings and turned them into miniature art & ornaments.

These mini collectibles are perfect for Christmas ornaments, favours, little thank you's or visual reminders to hang around or give as gifts.  Great for milestones and encouraging words to give to teachers, co-workers, hostesses, friends and family, even to collect yourself or add to your tree every year.  

Each hand made miniature is printed on matte canvas and tied to hang with cotton twine.   

Start your collection today!


30 Days of Rest Collection - Fine Art Prints
Spring Collection - Fine Art Prints

Mason Jar Mini Collection - Fine Art Prints

Have fun mix and matching to create your own custom collection.

Originally painted on mini canvases.  A collection of matching florals and abstracts, perfect for adding a little touch of colour and style to any space.  Also a brilliant way to rotate art for different seasons in your home.  Choose a brighter set for the spring/summer and switch to a more toned down palette in the fall/winter.  

Offered in two sizes: 5x5 inches or 8x8 inches