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I am super excited to announce my NEW
Collectors Club!



What is this collectors club you ask?

It is an exclusive membership for those of you who...


2. LOVE SURPRISES  (this is my favourite part!)

3. would like to SUPPORT my work and ministry 


If any of these answers are YES, than this is for you!


Here's the deal...

Every month you will receive a special package from me including an

8" x 10" fine art print (on archival heavyweight matte paper)

of an original painting I created just for that month!

(that's the best part... no one will see the art until my collectors get it first!)

Each print will come with a special card of the description & message behind the painting.  I will create each piece in prayer, with all of you in mind.  

So... by the end of the year, you will have a beautiful collection of fine art prints to display, rotate in a frame you love, or give as gifts to those who would appreciate the art & message.  (it's like buying Christmas gifts early ;)


More than collecting art, you are SUPPORTING me as an artist. 

By becoming a monthly collector, you will be giving me a reason to keep creating each month and financially supporting my artwork and ministry. 

(This really means a lot to me!)


I have a passion to make the world, and your home, a more beautiful place through the power of creativity.  I believe a simple piece of art is a window that can speak straight to the heart, no words can express.  Art is life giving.  


If this sounds awesome to you... click here to JOIN NOW!
(I will be gathering collectors throughout the month of March, to ship my FIRST print on APRIL 1st - ship dates will be on the 1st of every month...)
This is the BEST and most FUN way to collect art!
Who doesn't love a surprise....
Appreciate you all,
I am already praying about my first painting!
(And don't forget to SHARE this with friends & family. Thank You!)





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