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reviveFLORIDA Trip 3 | Manatee County

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reviveFLORIDA Trip 3 | Manatee County

I just got home last weekend from my latest trip back with reviveFLORIDA, Manatee County.  I wanted to quickly share with you the new paintings I did while I was down there and some neat stories of what the Lord was up to.  

Monday, March 14, 2016:

On my flight down, I usually sleep (leaving at 3am will do that), meditate on the Word, pray, and seek the Lord for some direction of what I am to visually create.  When I asked for a vision, He showed me a series of images.  First of oranges in a crate/basket, like they were just picked off the tree. Next an image of oranges being sliced and processed into juice.  The last image was of orange juice in a pitcher.  Of course my first thought was, am I just thinking this because I'm headed back to Florida?  But, I took note of it in my journal.  Questioning if it was me just imaging things or if it really was the Lord showing me something, I heard Him speak to me that it is about "The Process."  I kept hearing the word "process."  

When I arrived in Tampa and was picked up from the airport the conversation came up with my driver about if I had a vision to paint tonight.  So I described her the images I just mentioned.  She seemed excited and asked me if I knew about what happened that day with Kyle and the TTR team?  I said, no.  I was traveling all day and usually don't hear what's going on until I get to the church.  She went on to explain that Kyle and a small team was invited into Tropicana headquarters to meet about sharing the gospel in the main plant.  They were given a tour of the process in making Tropicana orange juice. Wow!  If that wasn't a confirmation from the Lord for me that there is something on this meeting.  Praise the Lord!  That night I painted "The Process" and Kyle's teaching was on the process of sanctificaton in Christ.  


I was so honoured to have my painting presented to the plant manager of Tropicana.  He said it will be hung up in the lobby of Tropicana head office.  Very cool.  It is also exciting that the Lord opened the doors for reviveFLORIDA to partner with Tropicana, welcomed into the company to train and equip Bible study groups to share the Gospel.  In almost every city with Time to Revive, we are seeing the favour of the Lord opening the marketplace to advance the Kingdom. Another amazing open door in Florida.  Praise God.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016:

The next evening I painted, "Shine Your Light."  It was a fun expression to represent the teams going out on the streets sharing the light of Christ, just as fireflies glow in the dark.  


"It was God who said, "The light will shine in darkness."  He is the One Who made His light shine in our hearts. This brings us the light of knowing God's shining-greatness, which is seen in Christ's face." (2 Corinthians 4:6) 

The firefly is uniquely designed with a chemically induced light. The chemical glow is designed to attract other insects to them.  As believers we are all given the light of Christ within us. We are to go out into the darkness of the world and shine the love of Jesus everywhere we go. Our light will attract others to what we carry, the Father of Lights.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016:

All day I could sense there was a shift to take place in the spirit.  When I asked the Lord for a picture, all I could see was a diving board and Jesus saying, "Jump in."  The people need to jump all in.  Picture yourself on that diving board...are you just standing on the edge, watching?  Are you paralyzed with fear to jump, afraid to get wet?  Are you excited to take a running jump and splash in?  Spiritually, we are all at different stages of our "plunging in" with God.  To experience the fullness of all He has for us, we need to trust and jump all in.  The unknown is sometimes scary, but it is so refreshing and fun to "Plunge In".  

What in incredible night!  We could all feel a breakthrough in the spirit as we lifted our voices in worship as one, plunging in together.  There is power in the unified church.  Many different denominations under one roof, a blend of worship styles praising as one, instruments of all kind playing in harmony... I could feel the angels worshiping with us that night.  A tiny glimpse of what heaven will be like one day.  

Thursday, March 17, 2016:

Lots of action happened this day.  Kyle Martin, CEO of Time to Revive, and a team drove to Orlando to meet with pastors in the morning, in talks of Orlando being a potential next reviveFLORIDA city.  Then they were invited into two companies to share the Gospel with workers.  First a cabinet company and second a patio furniture company.  Praise the Lord for the marketplace opening doors.  They also were invited by a high school football team, where 34 young men accepted Christ!  (if you want to watch clips of the football team, click here to see an incredible video.  It's so awesome!)

As I prayed that day for a painting image, I felt the Lord tell me to paint a picture of hope, encouragement, something uplifting.  I had a list of visions from the week before in my journal...which I often keep and the Lord will confirm one of them on the day I need to paint.  I love how the Lord speaks confirmation to me throughout the day.  I went to Target with two ladies that afternoon to get a couple things.  One of the girls showed me a journal she was buying and when I saw the cover, it confirmed my painting...a picture of a hot air balloon was on it.  I had written that image down and was praying about a confirmation, the Lord showed up!  

"Hope Rising" was painted that night.  The teams were sent out that evening on the streets.  When I was almost done the painting, Roger Lee, director of IHOP Sarasota, came up to me and asked if I knew what they all saw leaving Orlando that morning. (He went along to Orlando meetings that morning)  I had no clue what he was talking about.  The group that went all saw a huge hot air balloon that day.  Just another awesome confirmation from the Lord.  The adventures of trusting and letting the Lord lead.  

Friday, March 18, 2016:

In the afternoon, I went with a couple of girls to grab a quick coffee at a quant little coffee shop.  The environment was so sweet.  Looking around I could see all the people deep in conversation.  I was with the discipleship coordinator, Ali, on the Time to Revive team.  We were talking briefly on the discipleship topic and I took a mental snapshot of the coffee shop, talking about "doing life" with people for discipleship.  It's as simple as going out for a coffee.

"Table Talk" is the painting I did that night, capturing what discipleship can look like.  What if we take the time once a week to sit down and just hang out with someone who wants to learn more about Jesus? 


“Then it happened that as Jesus was reclining at the table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were dining with Jesus and His disciples.” (Matthew 9:10)

Jesus loved being face to face with his disciples and the sinners. He spent time with them. He looked beyond the culture and class to see people’s hearts. He loved them deeply. He did life with the ones who needed him most. Jesus handpicked twelve men to teach and demonstrate all His ways, so they would carry on the Gospel to the entire world. We have all been commissioned to go and make disciples. Jesus already modeled this through his life. Spending time with others face to face, to eat with them, hang out with them, and love others.

God has already prepared the table for us. He’s ahead of our steps. Through our obedience as believers, we must take the time to invest in relationships as we teach others about Jesus. Table talk can transform someone’s life and will change the world. Go and make disciples. Take the time for others.

Saturday, March 19, 2016:

Last night!  I felt this was the night to paint a visual of the revival wells overflowing with living waters.  As the community of Manatee County dug in for two weeks, the waters are rising, "Welling Up."  Personal revival, the Church reviving, continuing it on through discipleship, it will spill out into the community.  Thank you Manatee County for inviting us to run with you in what God is doing in this season.  May your well never run dry.  It was an incredible week!


Now I'm home concentrating on a collection of Spring paintings in my studio.  I am excited to have a 'Spring Art Show' in my hometown on April 12, 2016.  If you are near the Calgary area, come out to Cochrane and join me in a fun evening of art and conversation.  Bring friends, all are welcome.

April 12, 2016 | 6-10pm | Portofino Italian Ristorante | 205 - 1 St. E, Cochrane, AB

Bless you all this Easter Weekend!

All Glory to Him,



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