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New - Stretched Canvas Print - Option Now Available & Create Your Own Encouragment Wall

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New - Stretched Canvas Print - Option Now Available & Create Your Own Encouragment Wall

Product Update:

I am so excited to now offer a STRETCHED CANVAS PRINT option on my website!  You will now find the option in my sizing pull-down, the option to choose a flat print on canvas or a pre-stretched canvas print option.  Also added is more information on my FAQ page.

The pre-stretched option is printed on the same fine art quality canvas, then stretched on a wood frame with a 1-inch depth, stapled and wired ready to hang.  It is also sealed with a UV protective coating for maximum protection.  This option eliminates the need to frame the print after receiving it. It is ready to hang!  (It's also a personal preference on how you would like it to look on the wall).

Now you have even more options to display my prints, creating unique ways to suit your personality. You can now choose:

1. Pre-stretched Canvas Prints (looks like the original canvas)

2. Flat canvas prints that you can be creative in framing yourself.  Frame with or without a mat.  Under glass or dry mount.  Or stretch them yourself over a wood stretcher bar.  Options are unlimited.

Create Your Own Encouragment Wall:

This past year, I have had fun creating what I am calling "encouragement walls" in my home.  A collection of visual reminders of God's character and goodness. A collection of reminders of where I've been, what the Lord is doing and saying, promises and reminders of the hope we have in Christ.  Art is a wonderful visual reminder of the beauty around us, a depiction that lifts our spirit and speaks directly to our heart. 

Things you may collect to create an "Encouragement Wall":

- Photo's of people dear to you, family and friends.  Relationships that are meaningful and people who encourage and inspire you.  

- Photo's or depictions of things you are thankful for.

- Prophetic Art reminders of God speaking hope and life into you.  Art that displays God's character.  

- Objects that hold meaning and speak to you.  (i.e. I have a key hung up... it reminds me of the key to life I have in Christ Jesus)

- Word Art of encouragment.  Word art is so big lately.  Also chalkboards!  These are great ways to display sayings, scripture, a word that you are encouraged by.  Words that hold truth.  

(My only stipulation is whatever is on this wall speaks life, not remind me of something negative or displays strongholds of the past.  Don't let things keep you in the past...create a visual of hope for the future.  Hope in who you are created to be.  Promises and pictures of life abundantly.) 

"No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead," (Philippians 3:13)

A wall of encouragment is a great way to visually bring hope.  We all need encouragement, sometimes more desperately than other days.  Biblical hope is much different than worldly hope, like a wish. Hope coupled with faith in God is a mighty power in our lives. Hope in ourselves alone just isn’t enough when the journey of life gets hard. Hope in God and in His power and strength to meet our needs is true encouragement for the soul. Hope in God is the anchor that holds us in the storms of life. Our eternal hope has already been solidified in Jesus, we have confident expectation in the hope of our future. 

"But encourage one another daily," (Hebrews 3:13)

Bless you all today and have fun being creative, collecting visuals that are personal to you for your very own "encouragement wall."






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