Wedding Bouquet Paintings & Special Occasions

I am honoured to offer a service to beautifully represent this special day, a day to remember, your wedding day. To create an artistic render of that moment where a journey of new growth began. To create a life giving portrait of flowers you carefully choice to represent your special day.  

I offer paintings of many sizes and price range to bring the ultimate in meaningful style and beauty to any space. 

This idea is an extension of the "Garden of Your Life" - a theme I'm most passionate about representing. We are all walking through the garden of our own life; unique, beautiful and ever changing through different seasons.  Your wedding day is just one of those moments in the journey. 

I recommend this as a perfect gift for anniversaries, to represent the memory back to that moment for a special someone. Having trouble coming up with a unique gift for a bridal shower? It is perfect for the bride-to-be. A unique wedding present that will last a life-time and adorn the walls of their home with a reminder of beauty and new life.

This will be more than just a painting, it will be a floral portrait that is uniquely "her" - that she carefully hand choice to represent her day.

There's more...this idea isn't limited just for weddings, it can also be flowers to remember or represent any milestone or moment.  You could be a collector over the years and create the "garden of your life" through art.

Some other ideas include:

Birthdays, anniversaries, flowers received for the births of children, favourite flowers for different seasons of change, flowers to remember loved ones, graduations or major achievements, flowers that represent holidays you never want to forget. The list can go on... be creative, represent your own garden or give the gift to someone special, a work of art that is one-of-a-kind, hand picked by you.